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Terms of Use
These are open forums for people to share ideas and ask questions. The following guidelines have been drafted to help keep these forums running smoothly:
  • It's all about you. In other words, it is about a community of people, not a collection of boats. Feel free to discuss anything of interest. Please do not be concerned about staying "on topic", as anything that a sailor is interested in is on-topic. The very demographics of the site's readership (sailors) will keep the discussions generally about sailing. However, other topics will come up (everything from politics to family). If a topic is not to your liking, please just skip it. The best way to waste bandwidth and clutter the forum is to start meta-discussions, which are discussions about what to discuss. Meta-discussions ultimately go nowhere, and are a far surer way of starting a flame war than any other subject.

  • You are free to express your opinions, in a reasonable and courteous manner. Remember, we have lots of new sailors here, and your support and kindness is appreciated by all. Feel free to express strong opinions, but keep in mind that people appreciate courtesy as well as honest advice, and your opinions will be much better received when expressed in a positive manner. Remember, there is a big difference between disagreeing with someone and attacking them on a personal level.

  • You are not free to be a jerk. This website is privately owned and operated by SailboatOwners.com. We run this site, we are responsible for its content, and just like the editor of a magazine, we must decide what is appropriate and what is not. If you act like a jerk, you will be banned. We will make no warrantee to be fair or preserve your right to free speech. You have the right to express any opinion you choose. If you are looking to troll or flame, take it elsewhere.

  • Reader beware. On this board the reader will find facts, competent advice, advice, and opinion. Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain the difference. The individual reader must evaluate and determine the suitability of any material on this board to his/her own situation. In other words, take everything with a grain of salt.

  • Foul language is really not appreciated and is unnecessary. This is an all ages board. Please, try to keep your language reasonable. Lets at least strive for PG13.

  • No commercial messages. If you want to promote your business on board, buy some advertising space.
  • Post for-sale and want-ad messages to the Classifieds, not to the discussion boards. Classified ads, and our online store, are we pay the bills for all this hardware, software, and bandwidth. Please respect that effort by using our services when appropriate. Thanks!

  • Aliases are permitted, however posting under multiple aliases/personalities is prohibited. Providing a valid email address is also appreciated, but not required.

  • Impersonating other posters is not permitted. If you fraudulently post under another participants name, expect to be booted out. Remember, every message that is posted contains the IP address of the author.

  • Posting of copyrighted material (without permission of the author) is not permitted. This is just a reminder, as it really should go without saying.

  • Posting of software "cracks", i.e. codes or procedures that permit the theft of shareware or commercial software is not permitted. Such messages will be removed and the poster will be asked to leave.

  • Removal of posts and loss of access. SailboatOwners.com reserves the right to remove posts or block access to any user at its discretion.
  • Use of this forum constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

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