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Registration and Posting FAQ

The password system on the Cruising Sailor's Forum is actually quite simple, but different than other forums so please read carefully:
  • There is no login. The system only checks your identity when you post, but it checks every time you post.
  • When you submit a post, (and only when submit a post) it compares your name and password to the user profiles. If it finds an exact match your post is good. If not, you get an error.
  • If a name and password are automatically displayed when you open a posting form, it does not mean the system recognizes you. It only means your browser has memorized your name and password. Chances are, it is has memorized a typo.
  • If you are unable to post follow these steps:
    1. Make sure you have an existing profile. Check here.
    2. If you do have a profile delete any data that is automatically filled in to the name and password fields. Then carefully type your name and password.
    3. If you are still unable to post please contact us for help (please include your username). Please note that we do not support long, complex usernames and we will shorten long names if they are causing your difficulty.

Other important posting trivia:

One profile will work for all Trailer Sailor forums. The server doesn't know the diference.

Registration on other SailboatOwners.com sites will not work here, and vice-versa.

You can't change your own username. If you need yours changed please contact us.


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